One of the founding principles of Physician Care Alliance is that it be led by physicians. Its governance preserves this key tenet from the Board of Governors through its committee structure. At the Board level, nearly three-quarters of the participants are physicians with two positions reserved specifically for physicians nominated by participating groups. The purpose of the two reserved Board positions is to ensure that physicians at-large have a voice in the process at the highest level. The Board oversees two Board committees – Finance & Audit and Governance & Compliance. While these committees have few clinical duties, each has physician participation.

At the next layer, PCA established a nine member Physician Leadership Council. This group of physicians reports to the Board and provides input, direction, and decision making for a variety of clinical, operational, and financial policies and programs. It does this partly through oversight of three physician-led committees - Quality and Performance Improvement, Contracts, and Population Health Technology. The Chairpersons for each of these committees participate in the Physician Leadership Council in order to ensure continuity between the three. The Physician Leadership Council and its three committees are where the real work of PCA is done.

The Quality and Performance Improvement Committee builds shared, collective accountability and ownership for quality. It develops the organizations Quality Program, monitors organizational quality initiatives, develop metrics and benchmarks, and manages policies related to physician education and remediation.

The Contracts Committee provides input to contract negotiations with health plans, makes recommendations regarding long-term policies around financial risk, makes recommendations regarding the provider Participation Agreement, and works with the Quality and Performance Improvement Committee to ensure quality measures in health plan contracts are consistent with the overall PCA Quality Program.

The Population Health Technology Committee develops PCA’s data governance plan and related policies, prioritizes key system deployment decisions, evaluates and prioritizes new Information Technology needs, and provides guidance to ensure data is accurate, consistent, complete, available and secure.

Physician Care Alliance encourages participating groups to actively participate in PCA’s committees and frequently opens meetings to guests in order to foster transparency and engagement.