Population Health Management System

Data: The Population Health Management system supports data collection, aggregation and management of EHR and Practice Management System data. Combined with claims data, it provides a comprehensive view of the patient population. A robust Population Health Management system gives provider groups the ability to perform risk stratification, predictive modeling, patient attribution and analysis.

Care Management: The Population Health Management system provides care management and care coordination capabilities. The care management program uses aggregated data, risk stratification and predictive modeling to identify patients who require immediate attention; these patients can then be quickly enrolled in care management programs. The care management function includes customizable patient assessments, work lists, case load tracking, goals and reporting.

Patient Engagement and Outreach: : The use of intelligent technology helps healthcare organizations reach their entire patient populations by identifying patients for the following automated services: Pre-visit preparation, population outreach campaigns and care gap closures for specific clinical conditions.

Quality Program, Reporting and Outcome Measures: The Population Health Management system from Physician Care Alliance tracks quality measure performance and outcomes at the provider, clinic and network level.